FunBurgh: Bailey and Molly Donovan on their Film Back For Good!

by Trish Smith

Back For Good Screening at Point Park University
Back for Good! A Pittsburgh Film through and through; made in Pittsburgh, by Pittsburghers, about Pittsburgh! The story follows Max Kelly (a Pittsburgher living in New York) through her quarter life crisis. Everything in life is getting her down (work, boys, roommates, dreams), but she receives a glimmer of her hometown when her ex sends her birthday flowers. Max takes the flowers as a sign, so she packs up and moves back to Pittsburgh in hopes that life will turn around!

The film is written and co-directed by the talented brother/sister duo Bailey Donovan & Molly Donovan. Just Trish Smith - Lil Bat meet up with Bailey and Molly at the premiere of Back For Good at Point Park University (Bailey & Trish's alma mater). Much of the film crew was made up of Point Park Alumni as well as the entire Donovan family!

To find out more about Back For Good visit their website!

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