FunBurgh: TEKKO 2017


Check out our newest FunBurgh adventure!!! Just Trish Smith - Lil Bat​ got to spend some time at Tekko 2017​!!! Tekko is the region’s Premier Anime, Gaming, Music, Fashion and Japanese Pop Culture Convention, put on my Pittsburgh Japanese Culture Society​ at David L. Lawrence Convention Center​.
Trish covered it last year and couldn't wait to go back again, which is how most people feel after their first experience. 2017 was Tekko's 15th year and many of the guest have come every year, this year in celebration they even released a book with 15 stories from the past 15 years.
Tekko brings in people from all over the world to gather here in the awesome city of Pittsburgh. They even fly in artist to create a true Japanese experience! One of the best parts about Tekko is the cosplaying, you can dress as anyone you have dreamed of being for an entire weekend! But thats not all they have they have vendors of all sorts, panels, music, dancing, fashion shows, and so much more! Tekko is great for all ages, this year they had additional programs for children as well as 18+ showings!!
Tekko has so many things we want to tell you about but we would have to write a book! Watch Trish and Jack of The Pittsburgh Japanese Culture Society talk about the convention and visit

And keep an eye our for Trish at TEKKO 2018!!

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